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Quality Assurance

To guarantee the quality of the items being created, the quality assurance team makes sure that quality is embedded into the systems and processes. The goal of quality assurance is to maintain a product’s desired level of quality, particularly by paying close attention to each step of the production or delivery process. QA creates and upholds standards for creating or producing dependable products. A quality assurance system is intended to boost client confidence and a business’ legitimacy while also enhancing productivity and efficiency. It also helps a company compete more effectively. Quality, in our opinion, is a habit rather than an act. In all of our departments, we have highly skilled, certified, and committed technical personnel.

Our plant’s Quality Assurance team, which consists of more than 50 people, oversees a variety of tasks and makes sure that they are all carried out in accordance with established protocols and standards.

Quality Control

Our QC department carries out the following tasks:

  • RM/PM evaluation
  • Analysis of Final Products
  • Awaiting Inspections
  • Studies on Stability

Daxin Pharma QC’s salient characteristics include:

  • modern and advanced tools including FTIR, GC, and HPLC.
  • Microbiology lab that is fully equipped.
  • Through LIMS, all QC operations are controlled (Laboratory Information Management Software).
  • The lab activities will be managed by more than 40 highly skilled QC personnel.
  • To create and validate the testing methodologies and procedures for new drug formulations, a well-equipped analytical development lab is needed.
  • Stability division at the lab is separate and well-equipped for carrying out stability tests on diverse formulations (Accelerated, Intermediate and Long term).
  • For all of the formulations we create, we have designed and thoroughly validated testing protocols.
  • Modern Pharmacopeia, Reference Books, and Journals are available in the lab’s well-stocked library.